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It was clear that Wang Zheng had displayed top-class ability. First-rate Ability X, first-rate physical technique. Unless those hidden came to some agreement, whoever went up would die, or end up like Zhang Zhun. And they could not make deals unless enough of them held a grudge. Many turned elsewhere to seek their fortunes.


On island A, the transport carriers had already been dispatched. A few needed emergency treatment, and Wang Zheng had already been bandaged up by Zhang Zhun. Basic treatment, and the bleeding had stopped. Zhang Zhun was clearly someone who had picked it up with experience.


The audience was silent. The runic mech was completely shrouded under the dark energy of the Death Vines. The vines were desperately probing inwards, it was a spine-chilling scene. Wang Zheng’s Flame seemed to be his last counterattack. When the vines spread everywhere, they lost their flame.


The energy light curtain was like a very strong wall, and delayed the Knight of Holy Light. Merte’s Maya’s Mantis began to fight back. At such close range, it could hit the light beams vigorously with intensity.


With Ability Xs converted with their strong mental strength, in addition to the runic mecha’s special capabilities, the Sea Queen battle team was a hurricane that could not be obstructed. Anything that stood in their way would either become a part of that hurricane or have their bodies’ torned and bones crushed.


Zhang Zhun nodded mutely. Norton Star was also a planet that had been invaded by Zergs, and had a long history. As SIG captain, he had been trained in such survival skills.

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This was the first time that the calmness in Achilles eyes reflected contentment and confidence. This was the real Heavenly King Arts!


Snow Li. Ice properties, which is very special in the Hail Cloud Alliance. Born as the blessed one in the year of the Ice Dragon. Apparently, she could receive very strong powers. She had yet to have any solid performance. Earth-rank one, taking the sniper role. Nothing special.


But Lear just could not relax. He was not as optimistic as these three guys. These three people should be exploited. Lear thought that it was necessary to at least exploit them before advancing to the quarter-finals. Despite being vulgar-mouthed, they possessed tremendous strength nonetheless. But facing off against the Asura battle team was still a little tricky.


Luo Fei was still the same as usual – he did not feel that he himself had changed. He was extremely conflicted as he was scared of trouble. He was constantly resisting it as he did not like the other him; he even wanted to have that soul locked up. It was just that when Lear made a request, the cage would be opened.


Mu Zhen charged forward like lightning. The Big Sword struck towards Ander Lucia. This real body of the Silver Titan had unleashed Mu Zhens innate power, gaining strength that was comparable to that of an Earth-rank two warrior. Hopefully, it could open a window of hope for Saruman Snake.


“Sidney, show the Mayans the manners of a warrior.” Looking across at the Mayans, Ogan, cold and still as stone, obviously did not think much about the Astinians.


Snow Li had no confidence. She was a Earth-rank warrior, but she had no confidence to win a one on one battle with Arbiter. Not even in the least. This was not something that she could achieve by simply going all out for it.



Not many people left the ship. Although the two ship cores had linked, and it was like a space city, the inside was not that different from the warship. It was just that because it had been lived in by many, it was softened by a more human design, and the atmosphere did not feel as severe as that of the warship.



You could even feel that the air was filled with a sense of boundless excitement, feel the breath of countless people, and countless souls and fanatics.


“Basically none. If even the two of us are in such a state, the rest must be worse off. Without his ability, Zhang Shan has no way to hide. Mu Zhen’s size is not easy to conceal, and Vincent…” Achilles could not finish his sentence. His physical technique was not as good as theirs.


Jondi Lilick nodded. Monteros control in this SIG can be classified in the top three. This person is like a mimic madman. He has already merged with the mech. Furthermore, this is not his scariest form yet.

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