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Eve Litts face was so pale that it seemed bloodless. Tears began to flow down her cheeks. If it had been the Flames of the Blazing Angel, she could have accepted it, as she was unafraid of them. That highest level of heavenly fire had completely crushed her confidence.


Jondi Lilick was a contestant of the SIG, as well as a highly skilled master. He knew very well the difficulties of changing routines. He could use the Atlanteans mecha, but he could not use them very well. As for using the Runic Matrices since the appearance of the Runes Matrices, he had discussed the possibility with General Bolet


The azure area was continuously expanding. Once everything fallen neared Snow Li, it would turn blue and stop at a distance as if time had stopped.


Second match. Lear took the stage himself. This was an announcement to his opponent that he wanted to be tough. Even if he could not beat them, they should still keep their momentum!


Wang Zheng’s situation was a tricky one. He had seen it as well. SIG’s preliminaries was a pit dug by Aslan. Ai Xiaolu had already researched the information of their next opponent at the earliest time, and the result was clear. From the main force to the reserve, Wang Zheng and the rest had already watched it all. They had some skill, but were nothing special. Their Ability Xs was unremarkable, and Wang Zheng had no intention of fighting. This was also a way to hone the team. At the same time, it was a good chance for some of the rest to get exposure. There was no need for him to go. Aoli could take part in the next one as well. No wonder there were so many teams this time around, and so many people. It must be said that Kashawen had her methods.


Such a level of spiritual power was simply horrifyingly great; it could interfere and control the territory of the opponent. This was pure power of suppression.

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The arena was still filled with silence; no applause, no cheers. As always, the Atlanteans saluted politely, and the reaction from the outside world could not affect them.


After their win, Fatty did not feel much. The most important thing was that he had fulfilled his mission. Boss was a great guy, except that he always gave him the heavy burdens. It would’ve been great if this matter had been passed onto broader shoulders.


The product was a great notion, and perhaps it looked like it would be popular. But before being commercialized, there would still be changes.


The rest were instantly shocked. This meant that even if the Milky Way Alliance sent reinforcements, they would be useless against a Heaven-rank expert. Any form of struggle would be useless, unless the reinforcements were of the same rank.


Xie Yu Xin gave a slight smile. The way to leave is clear, and it is not really much of a big secret, but with our current capabilities, it is practically impossible. All we can do now is stay alive!


What was supporting Wang Zheng was not his personal goal, but the goal of the team, and the support of his entire team.


Any retreat would be impossible during a stalemate. The power from both parties would intertwine. The party that was overpowered would have to endure the full intensity of the combined exploding forces.



Mars looked at Wang Zheng. At this time, Wang Zheng seemed different from when he was at Elite Academy X. Perhaps this was Wang Zheng’s other side. Mars did not feel like Wang Zheng was flexing, but instead made his own preparations.



However, many of this year’s SIG captains were the key objects of grooming, either by their countries or by their families. Unlike the ordinary warriors, they were destined to embark on the ruling class in the future. Ai Zhengyang was one of them. From the former “prodigy son” of the Aishi Financial Group, to the current object of grooming, Ai Zhengyang had also taken an outstanding route. Cold and handsome with chiseled features, he was ranked top three in the best-looking list at SIG. Of course, he had more supporters too. The ladies of Aslan placed very high standards on appearances. Based on reputation, the Hail Cloud Alliance was stronger than the Big Bear Federation as well.


While it would not be open to the outside world, it should be opened to the military schools. The embassies of various countries had also requested it.


Wang Zheng and his team were also researching. He absolutely did not believe in being complacent, nor in the power of god. Any form of attack was dependent on rhythm and routine, and everything was traceable. The mysteries and fears had to be cast aside first. Truthfully, no matter how exaggerated the Atlanteans were, they were not going to affect him. In fact, Wang Zheng had grown up in an environment of fear, so he had built an immunity to fear.

  • Arbiters super mech. It was known to be difficult to operate. It was an all-terrain mech, and it had transformation capabilities. It was called the Land Overlords mech. After the birth of this mech, it was shelved due to the difficulties of operating it and the load. However, some super warriors still liked to use it to train their control and reaction skills. This was also the first time the Hunting Demons mech had appeared in a major competition.
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