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More people were starting to waver. Honestly, they did not want to take the risk. Especially since Xie Yunxin had said that it would be dangerous and their lives could be in danger.


Essentially, Lear hoped that Luo Fei would contribute a little, but Luo Fei had actually wussed out. As the general, he had to draw out his own rules in order to please everyone, and Luo Fei was weak.


Mitchell nodded and said, Yes, Your Excellency. He was also having a headache. In the past, there would certainly many methods, but the problem now was that these were all aimed towards Wang Zheng. Everyone wanted to witness it, regardless of whether he won or lost, but the current Wang Zheng was partially paralysed, while the Sea Queen battle team and the Sword Shield Rose battle teams advantage was too great. How could the ticket sales increase?


In the players area, there were frenzied roars from the teams from the Solar System. The defeats at the qualifiers were indeed a huge blow to them. However, they were here because they were following the footsteps of their seniors. That was their mental support.


Wang Zheng could not help laughing. “No laughing allowed. This is a serious matter. If we entered the competition, there wouldn’t even be a slot for Saruman Snake left.”


An array of red runes; it appeared on the head too. There was also one in front of the Overlord, and another at the rear was well.

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It was obvious that this teleportation technique was relatively advanced, or it could be said that that kind of procedure was a gap. When they entered the Saint World, they were actually doing a type of space shift. Meng Tian was, after all, a student of Ares College, so she also understood space shift techniques, but not to such levels.


It was at this point that the top sixteen name list was announced: (Irrespective of the rankings)


This feeling was as if a person right in front of you had suddenly vanished into thin air, leaving no trace behind.


This was Lie Xins first attempt, and it may be the last, but today and here, she hoped to try it once, to attain a victory that belonged to her!


Fatty cursed. He immediately burrowed into the forest, and the laser shots were still firing from behind him. There were at least three. F*ck, just as he was about to get serious, he had almost been headshotted. What luck.


Si Jiali smiled. Although Junior Qian Yunzhuo likes to joke around, when battling is concerned, he is known to be cold and passionate.


The appearance of the Hercules was not as glamorous as the Fighting Spirit. However, Wang Zhengs strikes were even more amazing than Aragorns. The five elements did not overlap but appeared simultaneously.



After four ensuing grunts, Satie’s mech began to exert some force. His Ability X craved to overpower the opponent, but the two axes remained frozen in the air. Only his Mad Mob trembled a few times under the intense power distortion.



Wang Zheng’s aura barrelled down on Mars like a tornado. Mars not only did not shrink away, but was filled with the need for battle. This was more like it. Suppress him? Impossible!


Lin Feng waved his hands and did not respond to Qian Yunzhuo. Lets go with the flow for the last match. There is no need to hold back. Eve Litt, Lie Xin is a typical physical technique warrior. With physical techniques as the foundation, her Flames of the Blazing Angel come from within. The advantages and disadvantages of such flames are obvious. I wont go into details then. Ill leave her to you then.


Aslan had once again relied on its technology to stun the world. After this battle, all the military experts of each country would be frantic. Would this lead to a new generation of innovation?

  • “Here comes the interesting part!” Lin Feng chuckled.
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